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Connected Tongues


Geography of Tastes and Bodies, Circuits and Currents, Greece



Remember how you tasted kaki for the first time?

Or when you were surprised by how spicy ginger can be?

Coming from a different part of the world, I found shared experiences from food. The experiences which connect between bodies. Touch of the land through food is a direct contact of substance travelling through the body. From the first touch on the lips and tongue, the texture one feels in the mouth when food is being chewed, and swallowed into stomach and digesting system. The nutrition that each substance provides to the body is an internal touch. Food and taste can also touch a person’s feeling and evoke memories. To be touched by a taste of food is an incomparable experience.

Would you like to have some tea?

What kind of tea do you like?

Fruity, herbal or spicy?

Hot or cold?

I hand out tiny cups of mountain tea I have. It’s one of the forgotten I’m only reminded when I get to taste it again. A lost taste.

You prefer fresh ginger tea or mint tea?

I reach my hand towards her waiting for her to reach back. Skin on skin, exchanging temperature on each other’s organ. Her body is slightly warmer than mine. We stay in touch for a few seconds, skins seems to be transparent and our temperature merged

The only feeling that still separate two bodies is a tickling feeling when air between skins is crushed….smudged.

Energy is transferred.

What does it remind you of?


Old bread my mom used to give me when I was a kid


Christmas time


Do you know what it’s made of?


No idea

It tastes very artificial

A taste of my childhood snacks

It’s very common thing here, do you recognize it?


It’s not as spicy as I thought

One of my favorite!

How is the texture? Have you had it before?


It’s very dense

I had it all the time when we went camping with fireplace


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