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Light in Limbo

Thread and balloon, 2014

Light in Limbo took part in E-X-P-A-N-D the Print which is an art exhibition aims to expand and question the boundaries of printmaking through the experimental process. The outcome works appear as a site-specific work, installation and conceptual work which, somehow, relate to printmaking in a very personal aspect. This exhibition is held at Chiang Mai Women Correctional Institution in the same moment when it is in a great issue to be reserved or to be destroyed. The space and the printmaking process have a hidden sensible issue about their various interpretation and future expectation which bring up questions and a chance to explore both subjects in new perspective.




Photos display common view from inside the correctional institute full with firm cell and stacheldraht.

Space is crucial for living.

When the body is trapped, the mind is floating. Space in Chiang Mai Women Correctional Institution is limited both physically and mentally. Among all signs shouting at you to follow strict rules, I found the open space in the middle of this institution to be the most comfort area. By tighten my art piece with a balloon; I lead the viewer’s eyes to the sky       and release all heavily feelings of every other things.


All images Copyright © Pitchaya Ngamcharoen. All content copyright the artist. No commercial use without express written permission.

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